Six month Baby Session | Melbourne Florida

Little Caleb turned six months! He’s sitting up and just the happiest little guy. I loved seeing his big sisters taking care of him, making him laugh and of course also driving him a little crazy sometimes. So cute. I couldn’t believe how big Harper and Quinn have gotten already so I had to capture a few of them also.  I remember these girls as tiny newborns!  Time definitely flies. Thankfully photographs can capture it and hold it still…


AGP14_Caleb6m-5 copy AGP14_Caleb6m-13 copy AGP14_Caleb6m-15 copy AGP14_Caleb6m-21 copy AGP14_Caleb6m-23 copy AGP14_Caleb6m-26 copy AGP14_Caleb6m-29 copy AGP14_Caleb6m-30 copy AGP14_Caleb6m-32 copy AGP14_Caleb6m-37 copy AGP14_Caleb6m-38 copy


Sister Love!