Newborn Baby Quinn

I photographed baby Quinn in her home in Melbourne week before last. She was past newborn but still quite little and just oh so sweet. She almost looked like she’d had her hair styled it was such a full head of hair! I love this one above! Makes me want to hold mine again when they were that small. The problem is, we don’t get to do that. There is no rewinding or even a pause- no DVR option for life. This is what makes photography so important in every stage of your family, not just to have pictures, but to help you feel those moments again and again. I will be photographing baby Quinn throughout her first year so stay tuned to see how fast she will change! And, will her hair fall out or will it be down to her waist by her first birthday?

You know I can’t resist baby feet.

What a sweet family!

If you are looking to book a newborn photography session, please read the baby slade entry under newborn and call before your delivery to set up a tentative session date.

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