Outdoor Family Photography Fl } The Ballard Family!

I’ve been photographing baby Emma since she was a newborn and hearing all about her family but had not met most of them until we got together for the 8mth session. We had decided to include the family in this one.  Yet another set of three girls, it was super fun hanging out with the Ballards.  Of course Emma is getting big and we made sure to emphasize her shots as usual but having the chance to see her interact with her sisters and to get a feel for the personalities of all the girls was really great too. The better I know your family the better I can capture who you are, which is why I am so thrilled that so many of my clients return year after year!  I get to watch your family grow and that is such a privilege. Plus I just appreciate such amazing loyalty from my clients. (Which reminds me to remind you that the holiday open house is Dec.2 4-8pm! Mark your calendars!!!)

Enjoy the beautiful Ballard family and are these ladies not a walking shampoo commercial or what? Seriously.

Miss social butterfly here, I’m thinking she and my Mary would get along really well…

The image above was actually the 2nd in a series of three very Braveheart shots! Maybe she will be the strong and determined one…

Gorgeous sunset, empty pier, what luck!

Who doesn’t have these type of family moments?? Check out that frown!

And the cool, calm and collected oldest daughter. She will keep everything in perspective and give her sisters great advice…

This was my favorite family portrait! Thanks Ballard family, it’s a pleasure getting know you all!

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