Newborn Photography Viera FL | Welcome baby Caleb!

People. It’s the Brevard Baby boom. Watch out for the shortage of diaper rash cream and pediatrician appointments – stock up now!

Seriously though, can we ever have enough brand new, smooshy, snuggly, sleepy babies? I don’t think so. Well, maybe living in my own house but that’s a totally different thing.

Little Caleb was born early so he was a teensy tiny peanut for his newborn portraits. His session was extra special too because I think Caleb is the first child I’ll work with in the baby plan who is the third from his family. I haven’t always offered the baby plan and I think his oldest sister was one of the first members! It’s just so nice to work with the same family this much and it’s inspiring to see the kids grow, becoming big sisters, little brothers, preschoolers, etc. It’s an amazing thing really.

Welcome sweet Caleb… I have a feeling all these girls are going to take fabulous care of you!


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