Newborn Photography Satellite Beach | Welcome Caleb!

First of all, I need to tell you that Caleb’s mom wins the award for warmest house ever during a newborn session! She took the advice we give out to parents very seriously and this beach condo was like a little incubator for Caleb. (With the added bonus of a natural white noise source right outside the windows!) And guess what – he loved it, he slept the whole time and curled up like butter. Well butter doesn’t curl but you get the idea. And to top it all off, how CUTE is he?? So round and smooshy and that mouth… mmmm sweet kisses for mom and dad. We shot a few family photos as well as captured Caleb’s gorgeous nautical nursery. LOVE it. The little sketch hanging just inside the door reads “just stay little,” (I might have teared up when I first saw it.)

Caleb’s parents were also wedding clients a couple years ago so now they are wedding-turned-family clients which is definitely my favorite because people like that become friends and shooting for friends is the best. Was that a run-on?

Watch out here for Caleb’s future baby plan sessions as he grows throughout the year!


NauticalNursery copy

AGP14_CalebNB-3 copy AGP14_CalebNB-11 copy AGP14_CalebNB-13 copy AGP14_CalebNB-20 copy AGP14_CalebNB-37 copy

and I remember the wedding day…

AGP14_CalebNB-48 copy AGP14_CalebNB-51 copy AGP14_CalebNB-60 copy AGP14_CalebNB-62 copy AGP14_CalebNB-65 copy AGP14_CalebNB-71 copy AGP14_CalebNB-74 copy AGP14_CalebNB-78 copy


Dear Caleb, that is one cozy bed. I had to fight the urge to climb up there and curl up too.

Thanks so much to Caleb’s family for choosing Angel Gray Photography!