Newborn Photography Satellite Beach FL | Welcome Philomena

It’s not every day that I get to photograph a newborn for a close friend. And it was a first to photograph a birth for a friend. Or really to witness any birth to this degree. Including my own children since I had my eyes shut for those. Tightly. No mirror thanks.

Gina called me at 2am to let me know she was headed to the hospital.  I was on my way in just a few minutes, driving tired empty roads to join her, thankful I was not going to miss this one like I did the first time.

A series of amazing events and 75 minutes later she delivered this beautiful baby girl. What a crazy thing life is. How completely miraculous and totally mysterious that this child started out with a single cell, grew inside her mother and entered the world bursting with life, first breaths, first milk, first air on her skin, eyes open to her family. Born ready for all this and more. It’s shocking really. I’m thankful we can’t explain it all. How boring life would be if we could.

Welcome Phee, can’t wait to see you grow!


AGP14_PheeNB-11 copy AGP14_PheeNB-54 copy AGP14_PheeNB-68 copy AGP14_PheeNB-91 copy

AGP_3749 copy

One week later…

AGP14_PheeNB-120 copy AGP14_PheeNB-126 copy AGP14_PheeNB-128 copy AGP14_PheeNB-133 copy AGP14_PheeNB-135 copy AGP14_PheeNB-142 copy AGP14_PheeNB-146 copy AGP14_PheeNB-152 copy AGP14_PheeNB-153 copy AGP14_PheeNB-163 copy AGP14_PheeNB-164 copy AGP14_PheeNB-165bw copy AGP14_PheeNB-167 copy


Thanks to my friend for giving me such an experience. Also, you are super beautiful. xoxo