Newborn Photography | Indialantic Home Session

I photographed baby Parker a couple weeks ago at his home. He was just a week old and the snugliest little thing! Mom and dad wanted to include part of their wedding keepsakes in the images of Parker so we used a little boat that once held place cards, filled it with some blankets and it made a cute, nautical cradle!

I loved all the unique, crafty details they put into the nursery as well so I’ve included a few of those shots too! Thanks to Meredith and Matt for choosing Angel Gray Photography!

AGP14_ParkerNB-1 copy AGP14_ParkerNB-2 copy AGP14_ParkerNB-15 copy AGP14_ParkerNB-16 copy AGP14_ParkerNB-17 copy AGP14_ParkerNB-20 copy AGP14_ParkerNB-21 copy AGP14_ParkerNB-25 copy AGP14_ParkerNB-30 copy AGP14_ParkerNB-39 copy AGP14_ParkerNB-50 copy AGP14_ParkerNB-52 copy