Newborn Photography in Florida } Baby Maple!

You might have seen baby Maple’s pics go up on the Facebook page a couple weeks ago, but I had to share them here because I can’t stand to leave anyone off the blog! It’s a journal for me, an easy way to go back over the years and remember all the shoots. Baby Maple belongs to friends of mine who I’ve known forever. It’s always special to be able to photograph dear friends and help to capture their beautiful memories. This time around, I had to actually convince Erika to let me shoot the baby.  She wasn’t sure she wanted newborn photography.  I simply declared her insane due to pregnancy and we made plans for the session. I understand if some people prefer portraits of baby sitting up, laughing, full of personality, etc. I love that stage too.  But the newborn reminds us of the miracle of life, of new beginnings and hope for the future. We can’t skip that part – geez!

I shot this session in the family’s home. I had to reschedule it almost a week later because I came down with a bad cold the day before the original shoot and of course I couldn’t bring that around the baby. The funny thing is that the last time I had to cancel on someone for this reason was another good friend’s baby two years ago.  I felt bad but at least I knew my friends would understand!

This headband was made with recycled silk saris from India. I think Maple looks good in red, we are totally going to be BFF’s.

Thanks to Tanya’s Tangles for providing all of the knitted goodness! We tried something new adding the brooch (why is it spelled that way could someone please explain this?) to the little vintage grey knit hat and I loved it. How fun to add something old and/or meaningful to the session right!? I’m a huge fan of old stuff so I hope to do this more often.

Dear baby Maple: You are super cute and I hope you will always love me despite the fact that I come with a camera. Also, be a good girl and sleep through the night for mommy and daddy.  🙂

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