Newborn Photography | Home Session Indialantic

Nico is the latest addition for Stan and Amy and little brother to Nola and Ty.  He’s a perfect little compact baby at around 6lbs, one week old and SUPER alert. So he fit very well with some props his mom had collected -the hungry caterpillar and the smarty pants business baby.  I’m excited to see a third child in this family grow through the baby plan!


AGP14_NicoNB-5 copy AGP14_NicoNB-13 copy AGP14_NicoNB-20 copy AGP14_NicoNB-25 copy AGP14_NicoNB-28 copy AGP14_NicoNB-18 copy AGP14_NicoNB-29 copy AGP14_NicoNB-34 copy AGP14_NicoNB-33 copy

I think these brothers might have some fun together!