Newborn Photographer Viera | Baby Girl Portraits!

I loved this family when we first met for maternity photography so was of course looking forward to hearing that their new baby girl was born!

One of the most frequent questions I get from potential clients with a newborn or expecting a newborn is how to schedule that session without knowing for sure when baby will be here (especially due to the fact that we are almost always booked 2-3 months out.) The answer is to get on the calendar as early as possible. For maternity try to schedule this by the time you are 4-5 months pregnant and we will at that time put your due date on the calendar as a newborn place holder. If you are only scheduling newborn then you would want to schedule this by the time you are 5-6 months along. Again, we use your due date to hold your session until we can actually schedule it once baby is here (and we usually shoot around 6-12 days old.) When we have inquiries after a baby is born that we cannot possibly shoot in the “newborn window,” we usually suggest waiting until the next milestone rather than shooting during the 1-3months stage.  I’ll list the first year milestones at the bottom here for your reference.

Baby girl was a sweet little bundle during her shoot and such a pleasure to work with. Her big sister is awesome too, seriously love her. The shots on the white fluffy (simple naked newborn,) are my faves.  I definitely lean toward classic simplicity with newborns, not a fan of “sets” that could appear more dated in twenty years. Really it’s how I approach everything, hoping to create timeless work. But, when incorporating fun accessories Tanya’s Tangles is a great place to start – love her vintage floral headband and diaper cover set!


Thanks to a sweet family for choosing Angel Gray Photography -such an honor capturing your memories!

AGP Favorite Baby Milestones First Year*

Newborn (first 2 weeks)

Holding head up, personality developing (4 months)

Grabbing feet, holding head up easily, possibly sitting, smiley (6 months)

Sitting up unassisted, super smiley, maybe crawling (8 months)

Standing, maybe walking, birthday (12 months)

*Our clients normally schedule either  NB, 4, 8, 12   -OR-   NB, 6, 12