Newborn Photographer Indialantic FL | Welcome Piper!

It was such a privilege to capture these sweet memories for Ben and Ashley, the children’s pastors at our church. After years of working with Young Life, Dana and I know a little bit about what it’s like to be in their shoes and we hope that being on the other side now we can be the kind of parents who give more than take and offer encouragement often. We’re very glad to be a part of a church that prioritizes children so much and our kids are super blessed by the efforts of Ben and Ashley.  So not only do I need to say thank you for that but also for the peak in curiosity that Ashley’s pregnancy brought home in the form of numerous questions the kids had about where babies come from, how they get out, etc.  Of course we just told them to ask their pastor. Kidding! We told them a bunch of other random stuff then watched a video of a sheep giving birth. Good times. Kidding again, sort of.

And how awesome is this Reading Room nursery! I LOVE the books theme and the pages hanging from the wreath and the shadow boxes with some of mom and dad’s personal favorites. Reading is cool with a little bohemian and mid century style mixed in.

Welcome sweet Piper!


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Congratulations Ben and Ashley; we look forward to watching Piper grow!