Newborn in home photography Satellite Beach FL } Sweet baby Finn!

It was so fun when Shannon and Nick contacted me (while she was pregnant) about newborn photography.  (Kind of important to plan for that during the pregnancy!)  They are fellow Flagler graduates who took some of the same photography courses I did!  Meeting people like that feels like old friends to me!  We share a love of Flagler College, photography, St. Augustine and of course all the great restaurants there! Shannon teaches public speaking now at BCC and also does some editing for a publisher around here.  Nick is the editor of Eastern Surf Magazine – how fun is that? That magazine brings back memories of my days working at MTB surf shop in high school and all the fun I had there with my boss/store owner who I affectionately called “big Don.” He fired me occasionally, then I would refuse to leave, then he would eventually give up. One time someone even asked, while checking out, if I was his daughter.  Must have been all the bickering that sparked her interest.  Seriously, the notes I used to tape to his back – he actually developed this habit of reaching back there with his hand to make sure there was nothing there – because no one likes to discover after walking around the store with customers that he’s got a paper on his back that says

“I’ve got hemorrhoids -bad.”

Love you big Don. I swear I’ve grown up and I’m at least a little bit more professional now.  Maybe you wouldn’t want to fire me after all.

When Shannon started talking about the types of images she likes (and she shared her pinterest page with me) I got a really great feel for her vision.  And because I love that photo journalistic style too it was easy to shoot in that direction.  Baby Finn was born at over 10 pounds so he kind of skipped being a newborn!  Just in case you missed that I said TEN POUNDS!  And Shannon put all of us epidural-loving-losers to shame by having Finn 100% natural, in a birthing center no less! All I can remember is grabbing my nurse by the collar as respectfully as possible and begging for the anesthesiologist, then her asking if I’d like to discuss it with my husband and me responding NO!  So Shannon, “I’m not worthy!” Great job!

Moms out there, don’t we all know and love this feeling- sleeping baby on your chest? mmmmm

Finn pooped on his dad, twice.

What a sweetie and you’ll get to see this big guy get bigger because he’s part of the baby plan! Congrats Nick and Shannon!

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