Newborn and Maternity Photography } Baby Ashton!

First of all, there should be a disclaimer here:

Attention all women: we do not all get to look this good while expecting a baby.  Some of us might not look this good after said baby has been born (especially after three said babies and too little working out.)  Do not base your decision on planning a family on the assumption that you will look like Carla during the pregnancy.  Rather, consider her an inspiration and eat your veggies. Amen.

Now that I’ve put that out there we can proceed! Carla and Chris met me for their maternity photographs at the FIT Botanical Gardens in Melbourne on a chilly day.  They are part of the maternity and newborn combo so they called me after baby Ashton was born and we met in their Rockledge home for the newborn portraits.  What a cute little peanut Ashton was!  The funniest thing was that right after I got there and they were changing a diaper, I hear Chris saying “Where did it go?” and this look of bewilderment on his face as he stared down at Ashton.  Sure enough, the cord had fallen off!  So cute how as a new parent you get used to seeing it there, even after only a week, and when it is gone it feels like something is missing.  It was a sweet moment.

Carla and Chris met me for their ordering session yesterday and some of these here are their own favorites.  Although they chose which collection they want, they haven’t nailed down all the options within that yet. Maybe you can help them decide which one they want on their canvas?

The beautiful covered bridge in the Florida Institute of Technology Botanical Gardens – this also works so well for weddings in Melbourne.

Chris played football in College.

I know I say this a lot but I LOVE pictures that make you laugh.  I couldn’t get enough of the full-body-yawning by Ashton!  The top right is my favorite though!  Baby Ashton joined the Baby Plan so you’ll get to see him again in a few months!

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