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Today is all about blogging.  I have at least 13 sessions that are not up here!  During the holidays, in the best interests of my clients, I had to put the blog aside just a tad and focus on preparing print orders so that everyone would have what they wanted in time!  I’m excited to catch this up so I can share all the fun images!  I’ve got babies, lots of families, a wedding and professional headshots to share! I’m sure it won’t all be done today but at least a few and I’ll try to post them in chronological order.  This past week was a blur of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition work.  Today is the “Move That Bus” day and I’ve got my live feed on here as I type!  I delivered everything yesterday and I’m going to head over in the morning to walk through the house and see my finished work on the walls!  The opportunity to be the exclusive portrait photographer for this project was a huge surprise and of course I feel very honored with the opportunity.

On with the sweet newborn Alexander.  You might recognize his family from their family photography session last year. This little cutie was born in October.  I’ve known his mom since we were in middle school and her husband Chad is a terrific Melbourne, FL financial planner if you’re in the market.  He doesn’t just help you invest but helps you set goals and achieve them whether you have a lot or a little. We met at grandma’s house because she has a nice big property and a big wrap around porch (which provided beautiful filtered light). I actually tried to borrow the yard for my own family photos this year (of my extended family) but as luck would have it I could not get everyone together for this while my brother was in town.  I’m not bitter.  Yes I am.


Newborn baby photographer baby photographer

I feel lucky to be a baby photographer in Melbourne Florida where newborns don’t get too chilly during photo sessions.

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I am in love with the personality in both of these above! This little guy is going to have a ton of fun with two big brothers!  And he might need to learn self defense at a young age too!

family christmas card photography Melbourne Florida

We snapped a few family pics for the Christmas cards!

christmas card photographer Melbourne Floridafamily christmas card photographer Melbourne Florida

Pound It.  See the baby in the bottom? Chad’s holding the basket with his legs to protect the little bundle.

family photographer Melbourne Floridafamily photographers Melbourne Florida I call this, “Love the baby… from a distance please.”

Little Alexander is in the baby plan so we’ll be capturing his four month-old baby photo session soon!

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