Natural light Studio Photography } Baby Emma is 4mths!

This sweet girl had her second session in her Angel Gray Photography baby plan at 4mths in the studio!  I loved her outfits (I’m a sucker for red shoes) and her smiles (including adorable dimples) were just continuous!

I do love a good smile but this one was my favorite – how fun that it was her mommy’s favorite too!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I brought my kids school supply shopping today and can hardly believe we only have two more weeks until school starts!  (Although by the end of the shopping I was ready to drop them off 2 weeks early.)  I love the slower feeling of summer even if “slower” for us is just a few notches lower on the scale of craziness.  That’s what we get for running two businesses and a family right? My oldest is complaining that we didn’t take any vacations but now that it’s almost August nothing is more appealing to me than a ski trip in the winter! Funny how easy it is to forget how much I hate both skiing and cold weather when the temperature and humidity rise like this!

I’ve got some fun shoots this week – all girls!!  High School Senior session and a mother-daughter shoot plus 3 weddings coming up on the blog (okay so there will be some boys in those.)

Side note: I took Mary for her first “mani-pedi” to which she keeps referring to as “pani-medi.” Actually I was only going to do the manicure and she kept saying very matter-of-factly “I’m going to get a pedicure. I’m going to get in that chair when you’re done.”  I kept telling her no way until she decided she wanted to pay for it herself with all the money in her wallet ($7 so okay it wasn’t a full pedi-I’m trying not to spoil her.)   I text my mom the picture of her in the chair and her response was “Are you out of your mind?”  Yes Mom, I am.  I’ve created a clothes-and-accessories-spa-treatment-loving-girl! Whoopsie, no turning back now, I’ll just be praying her future husband.

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