Natural Light Melbourne FL Studio } Keira’s six month mini session

I hadn’t met Keira or her mom before when they came in for a mini session and oh my gosh I am in LOVE. Keira is a little sister and her mom wanted to be sure to get some time to focus on her youngest before the family session in August. Anyone with more than one child can relate to the challenge of capturing memories of your second (third and fourth?) babies the same way you did for your first. In my opinion you only need to do this for the first year. Make sure to schedule newborn and at least one other baby session when your child is sitting up. You can also plan a one year birthday session if you did that for the first baby too.  After that, as a parent of three, I think it makes the most sense to schedule a family session once a year rather than lots of individual appointments. This way you see your children grow through each year even though it is not centered around their birthday.  In addition to that, while the children are still under 3 years old, schedule a child-focused session once a year as well (opposite the family session on the calendar.) This will give you the opportunity to see the stages of their development, plus the freedom to have a little more creativity with this shoot. You can do this for each child individually or for all siblings at one time. This type of shoot is one of my favorites! My only other tip relates to hanging their portraits in the house and keeping that as “even” as possible. Here it is: don’t get carried away here. It’s okay if your first child had a 3 month session and your second had a newborn. It’s okay if the first has a vertical canvas and the second has a landscape orientation or if they are posed differently, etc. It can make you crazy trying to keep things too identical and you could miss out on enjoying your favorite images.

So, Keira had a mini session in the studio (30 minutes.) She never quit smiling and she’s just adorable as all get out. This is way more images than I would normally include on a mini session post but Keira just hit it out of the park so I couldn’t decide!

Big thanks to this family for choosing Angel Gray Photography, looking forward to seeing you again in August!

Sidenotes: We are having a giveaway to the Facebook page tomorrow (Friday) so watch for that! Also, if you missed the previous post, Kristi’s “What to Wear” advice is AWESOME (Keira is another fabulous example btw.) Lastly, the calendar is booking up like crazy. We opened up more sessions than usual and even those are booked.  There is one July session left available and four in August. Several have already started booking in the fall as well so plan ahead and contact us to get your date on the calendar!