Modern Newborn Photography Viera | Baby Gia!

Hopefully you didn’t miss the family maternity session that preceded this sweet newborn but JUST in case you did, click here!  Such an adorable family, I loved their pinks and LOVED their personalities!  Baby Gia arrived a month later and I couldn’t wait to meet her.  She is the third baby girl lately that has been such a chubby bundle! I looooove it. She is also the most vocal newborn ever so I’m thinking mom and dad have quite the extrovert on their hands.  Of course she’s only purring and gurgling so far but it’s still early in the game!  Gia’s mom had her own headbands and accessories – oh, and how adorable is this nursery? My daughter would say, “adorbs mom.”

Also, I might have to have another child just to name her Gia. Do I need to be Italian for that?

This is Gia teaching all babies everything exactly how the baby stretch is done. Dear babies everywhere: give it everything you’ve got. Love Gia

I loved these mommy shots too. I found myself wishing I had something like this from when my babies were tiny – I am totally guilty of skipping most of the pictures with me in them!

Tomorrow is the day.  I’m going to share the living room makeover… and the incredible women who made it happen!  They each have more design skills in a pinky finger than I have in my…. Wait, who am I kidding I don’t have any interior design skills. Stay tuned!

P.P.S.  Are you watching SYTYCD? This will be important for our friendship. (Although you have to forgive me when I get behind sometimes- I’m planning to watch last nights episode tonight – loved last week!)  I love that they focus so much more on the positive than some of the other talent shows out there! Love the auditions almost as much as the top 20 sometimes!  My dad said yesterday that he thinks it’s a dumb show and I found myself preparing a thesis statement in my head on the reasons why it is most definitely not a dumb show!    Two and Half Men — now that’s a dumb show DAD!  Seriously where is the substance, geez.