modern child photography Florida } sweet baby Christiaan in the studio!

Christiaan is another sweet AGP Baby Plan member and for his 4mth shoot he came into the studio.  In case you are new to the blog, my studio is located in the Eau Gallie Arts District and I utilize mostly the beautiful light there on the second floor for these images rather than a lot of props or backdrops. I love this sweet boy and his big blue eyes.  His parents are super nice too.  It was really fun was when he rolled over for the very first time ever!  You’ll see the pic below but now I’m wishing I had shot his mom and dad’s faces!  I just love the enthusiasm they had over this achievement and it reminded me of how miraculous it seems every time your child hits those milestones.  With my own three children I’ve learned that they all work at thier own pace and they all excel in different areas (duh right, I know it’s common sense but I think we forget sometimes.)  I remember my first born rolling over super young and feeling completely astonished that it happened. He was an overachiever in pretty much every way, typical first born.  The moment that sticks out the most in my memory was the summer that my older two both learned to swim.  It was a pure miracle to me seeing them swish through the water and come out on the other side -especially Mary who was only 2.5, but she was determined to keep up with her brother.  I told the whole world.  This summer we’re celebrating Davis speaking some of his first 3-word sentences. “Don’t do dat!” is his favorite. He’s really needed those three words for a long time so he’s getting some mileage on them now.  He’s not exactly verbally advanced at 3 years old but it makes the celebration even sweeter. My brother is visiting this week with his 12mth old and I’m thinking she might just be speaking in complete sentences before Davis does but whatever he could build a lego car, get inside it and drive around her with his eyes closed. Or something like that. Not that I’m comparing or anything.  🙂

Look at this sweet babe…

Christiaan you’re so gorgeous I can’t wait to see you at 8mths!

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