Modern Baby Photography | Sweet newborn Blake

Baby Blake is a super star. I was so worried for him when his mom called and told me that although Blake was born he was not home yet from the hospital. He had some complications and they were hoping he would come home in a few days. Although I’ve never had a medical issue with a newborn, I’m familiar with the feeling of having your child hospitalized and not being really sure what’s wrong – just praying and waiting. Thankfully he did go home after a week or so in the hospital and you would never know there was any problem; he is all good! Blake was a beautiful baby to photograph and his parents are so full of love and excitement – what a happy family! Oh and he might surf before he walks… just throwing that out there.

Congratulations to Blake’s family and thank you for choosing Angel Gray Photography! (And thank you to Tanya’s Tangles for all the knitted goodness.)

Sides Notes!

It’s hot outside. I’m thinking about watching the pilot for Dallas but still on the fence, thoughts? Today I’m having lunch with a girl friend and some spa time — hot stone massage here I come! mmmmmmmm happy.

We’ve been cleaning up the website a bit over the last few months and getting ready to update the home page so watch out for the fun changes! Also we are in the midst of picking dates for the next Conquer Your Camera workshop!

Lastly, and I know this is crazy, AGP is booked through September. There is still room in October and I believe November is pretty wide open. We even opened up more sessions than usual! I seriously love my clients. You guys are awesome for planning ahead and for coming back to me again and again. hugs