Merritt Island Photographer | Ava is ONE!

So I really love Ava and her sister and her family and her family’s family. Just all of them -group hug!  I don’t want her to be a baby plan graduate since that means I probably won’t see them as often. Unless…. baby number three anyone????

We shot Ava’s birthday session on the river in Merritt Island and I’m not kidding I watched for gators the whole time because I’m THAT freaked out by gators. And I know this area is just one big Gatorland without the fences. And the reptile guy says they’re more scared of me than I am of them but I don’t believe that for a second since I have way less sharp teeth and clearly know way more about gators than the reptile guy does.

Ava is the serious side of Ava and Bella and I love that. I can’t wait to see these two grow more and more into their personalities together!


AGP14_Ava12-3 copy AGP14_Ava12-5 copy AGP14_Ava12-10 copy AGP14_Ava12-15 copy AGP14_Ava12-17 copy AGP14_Ava12-20 copy AGP14_Ava12-21 copy AGP14_Ava12-25 copy AGP14_Ava12-30 copy AGP14_Ava12-33 copy AGP14_Ava12-43 copy AGP14_Ava12-46 copy AGP14_Ava12-49 copy AGP14_Ava12-54 copy AGP14_Ava12-56 copy AGP14_Ava12-58 copy AGP14_Ava12-64 copy AGP14_Ava12-67 copy AGP14_Ava12-71 copy AGP14_Ava12-77 copy AGP14_Ava12-79 copy

see that face, she wants another sister, maybe even a brother