Melbourne FL Baby Photography } Alex is 8mths!

Alex is a member of the AGP Baby Plan and it’s no secret that 8mths is my favorite age.  This was a pretty short-lived shoot and yet I couldn’t narrow down my favorites so I must have a third of them here in the highlights!  Alex gives a great example to babies and parents everywhere of the non-smile.  Sure you’ll see his adorable toothless grin in here plenty but I couldn’t take my eyes off his “non-smiles.”  I think for some people their spirit is revealed in their smile (the real one that comes out naturally.)  But for others, it is in the more quiet moments that you catch a glimpse of who they are inside.  It’s probably too early to tell with Alex but I’m going to guess he is in the latter group. And I love it.

Some reasons for the shorter than average session:

-In the summer the sun sets so late that shooting in the later daylight hours can be nearly bedtime for tiny tots. But that’s still when I shoot because that is how I can deliver you the best work and that’s what you want!

-The mosquitos were horrendous.

-It was HOT.

-The mosquitos were like something out of an old Hitchcock movie.

-Babies don’t like mosquitos.

-Photographers don’t like them either.

But here is the most important part: it didn’t matter!  I can work fast because I know what I’m doing, I’ve photographed this sweet baby twice before and Alex’s mom trusts me enough to go with it.  Also, this is her third child so she is a little more relaxed in general.  Being relaxed is so important because it keeps your baby happy and it doesn’t stress your photographer out either – allowing her (me) to do my best in any given situation.

We met at FIT for this shoot. I love that location for individuals or smaller groups (not so much big families.)  In our area, there aren’t a TON of places to shoot -although I’ve had some fun lately developing new options for my clients!  FIT is one of the “regulars” though, I’ve been using it for years along with plenty of other local photographers.  Here’s something I don’t do when shooting in a common location like FIT or Ryckman Park or the beaches or downtown Melbourne.  I don’t look at other photographer’s work in those locations and copy it.  Don’t get me wrong, I do study photography in order to continue to advance my own skills. I read, attend workshops and constantly learn from my own experience as well as photographers I admire.  I gain inspiration from other places too like fashion magazines, advertising, music etc. Once in a blue moon a client will bring along a photograph they saw somewhere and ask to replicate it but mainly my clients who share their favorite images with me do it to help me gain insight into their personal style (which is great.) I will definitely do a google search on a new location if I am headed there to shoot a wedding. This is to get my head wrapped around the venue, gather what I can (good and bad) from what other photographer’s did there, etc.  If I can, I will even go visit ahead of time in person.  I’m not looking to copy placement, posing, etc.  It is so much better for my clients and easier for me to shoot my own way, with my own creativity no matter if it is a popular location or a completely unique one!  I recommend this to all photographers. Trying to copy really limits yourself and I think could hold you back by squashing your creativity.  With that said, it’s just been on my mind, I’m not suggesting there’s much in this shoot to copy unless it’s a new thing to set a baby down and take his picture! ha!


the non-smile: see definition above.

I couldn’t decide if I like this one better in color or BW – what do YOU think??

There’s another one at the bottom. I must have been really indecisive while I was editing these!

All I could think about when editing this one is how much I will miss that feeling when my kiddos are all grown up.  Sigh.

ABOVE, MY FAVORITE FROM THE SHOOT!  I LOVE HIS POUT AND YES I’M SHOUTING LIKE MARY MURPHY!  And seriously it wouldn’t be the same without the dirty feet.  Dirty is good for your photos -wake up and smell the dirt America!  America is reading right? Give a boy a stick and it’s only a matter of time before he becomes Braveheart. Last one for your input, BW or Color…. Ack I can’t decide, all I know is I love the dirt.

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