Melbourne baby photographer -Ryckman Park, Sweet baby Quinn

I cannot get enough of Quinn!  Thank goodness she is a baby plan member but I am going to have serious withdrawals when I stop seeing her 3 times a year!  The baby plan (including three sessions and an awesome canvas for an unbelievable savings) can be set up as a 4/8/12 month or a NB/6mth/12mth.  The difference depends entirely on whether momma is doing a maternity session.  If she is, the newborn session is complimentary so it just makes sense to start baby plan at 4mths.  Often times the 4mth session is in the studio, the next one is a location of your choice and the last one is the big 1yr event, usually including some kind of cake smashing at the end!

Quinn’s momma came to me after Quinn was born so this was Quinn’s 2nd session of her baby plan and she was around 6mths.  You can see her newborn session here.  It is important that this mid-year session take place after she was sitting up.  As you can see she did great using her arms as her little kick stand. We met at Ryckman Park and enjoyed beautiful weather!  Quinn is just so striking with her dark silky hair (lots of it but it doesn’t even stick up or anything!) and her blue blue eyes.

I couldn’t decide if I like this better in color or black and white. What do you think?

My fetish for daddy-daughter pics lives on, look at her face and how happy she is!

Both of Quinn’s parents are attorneys in town if you would like to inquire about their services I can have one of them contact you.

Baby Quinn – I’ll see you for your birthday!

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