Maternity and Newborn Photography } Summer is here!

I first met this new mom in the Conquer Your Camera Workshop so when she called to schedule a maternity session I was super excited! Her husband (a United States Marine) would be in town for a short time so we planned the session a bit earlier in the pregnancy than I normally would in order to make sure he could be there.  Not long after our shoot he was sent out of the country again. Unfortunately he is not scheduled to be back until his sweet daughter is six months old. Summer was born a few weeks ago and, thankfully, her dad was able to attend the birth via Skype.  Her mom was so impressed with the medical staff and how they included “daddy” in the whole event just like he was there, talking to him on screen as his baby came into the world.

I photographed baby Summer before she was even a week old. Her mom provided some of dad’s things so that he could be a part of the portraits as well.  She is a beautiful, healthy baby!  I know these are not easy circumstances. Giving birth to your first child with your husband so far away is something most of will never have to do.  Even now, there is very limited communication.

I’m thankful to this family and all the others who sacrifice this way in service to our country. I’m hoping to have the opportunity to volunteer photography of the homecoming.  I’d love to capture those memories for this family; it will be a very happy reunion!

Happy Weekend!