Lilia is 12 months | Baby Photography

This beautiful girl is already a year old and I loved capturing these memories for her family! Her big brother is just CRAZY SWEET to her – love him. Really this whole family is just full of love and happiness. I feel so lucky to have photographed both children since they were newborns!


AGP14_Lilia12-1 copy AGP14_Lilia12-3 copy AGP14_Lilia12-21 copy AGP14_Lilia12-24 copy AGP14_Lilia12-34 copy AGP14_Lilia12-39 copy AGP14_Lilia12-42 copy AGP14_Lilia12-43 copy AGP14_Lilia12-44 copy AGP14_Lilia12-52 copy AGP14_Lilia12-58 copy AGP14_Lilia12-68 copy AGP14_Lilia12-69 copy AGP14_Lilia12-71 copy