Jacob is 6 months | Baby Portraits at Home

I love this milestone for babies! The sitting up, smiley stage right before the racing all over the place catch-me-if-you-can phase… It’s the best. Jacob has transformed since his newborn session into such a big boy and his eyes have become this amazing bright blue. He was so happy while I photographed these moments with his family at home. Looking forward to next time!

(Had to include a flash back since we used the same airplane in both sessions…)

AGP14_JacobNB-33 copy AGP15_Jacob6-8 copy AGP15_Jacob6-12 copy AGP15_Jacob6-14 copy AGP15_Jacob6-15 copy AGP15_Jacob6-22 copy AGP15_Jacob6-26 copy AGP15_Jacob6-30 copy AGP15_Jacob6-33 copy AGP15_Jacob6-37 copy AGP15_Jacob6-38 copy AGP15_Jacob6-43 copy


See you at 12months Jacob!