Infant and Maternity Photography Satellite Beach FL, Baby Layne

Layne was born just before Christmas and we shot his newborn portraits in his home -as is usual for most newborns unless mom/dad really want to come to the studio.  The blog is still catching up from the holidays!  The good news is that orders are not and the blog will just have lots of new stuff every week!  (I typically put your blog entry up as I’m working on your order, except in a few instances like engagement.)  This sweet baby was so good for his photography session.  He slept and slept, no matter what we did.  Oh and there is the added bonus of him being the SMILING-EST NEWBORN BABY I’VE EVER SEEN.

They say newborns don’t smile, but I’ve been happy to catch it happening on a few occasions.  Layne defies them. You know, “they,” the ones who “say.”  He has proven that not only can newborns smile, they can do it repeatedly!

You’ll see some highlights of the maternity session here as well!  Maternity and newborn photography come together like two peas in a pod with AGP.  I mean seriously, if you want pregnancy photography but not newborn, you may want to rethink that!  We shot these on the beach in Satellite.  It was a windy November day but it wasn’t raining and there was no postponing this shoot if we wanted pictures BEFORE Layne made his appearance!  And the weather turned out fine.  It nearly always does!   OH, and his dad is really funny.  He’s got that sense of humor that makes you laugh out loud and then think, wait a minute was he just making fun of me?  It’s subtle and dry and I love that!

p.s. The Conquer Your Camera Workshop this weekend in the Angel Gray Photography studio has an opening after a cancellation!  First come first serve as I have to limit the attendance due to the nature of the class being for beginners who might need some individual help.  Click here to learn more about this photography workshop.

true love.

Layne’s grandparents decorated an all blue Christmas tree for him to come home to from the hospital!  How cool is that?!

I love his smushy face.

Tanya Bernard, a fabulous local knitting-machine, whipped this up for me for my two holiday newborn sessions.  She’s fab and she’ll have an etsy store up soon!

look at that mouth!

This turned out more viking than monkey but still cute!  He’ll have to grow into it, good thing he’s in the baby plan, we’ll try this on again at 4mths and see how much he’s grown!

Dear “they”, please take note.

look at Layne and the dog!

aha, she’s been training him.

And finally, he has already mastered the look my 7 year old gives me when I kiss him.  So advanced.  Give this kid a piano.

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