Indialantic Photography } Christiaan is ONE!

Yet another baby plan member turned one recently! I absolutely loved this shoot at the family home. One reason we chose the location is that Christiaan’s mom and dad put a ton of work into their new house – once a fixer-upper, now a beautiful home!  I dropped off some prints here once while they were still working on the house.  It was pretty much just walls at that time so it was fun to see the end result!  I loved all the attention to detail they put into everything inside and outside and of course the paint color because yellow houses are my fave!

We spent most of our time in the beautiful backyard. Christiaan was so happy the whole time, such a sweet, joy filled boy!

These two are favorites of mine!

Oh but this one’s pretty irresistible!

Coming up next I’m excited to finally share Davy and Colby’s wedding!

Side Notes: I’m still in catch up mode after the family circumstances we were dealing with recently. Why does 10 days off translate into more than 10 days of catch up work? I think there is some mathematical law I don’t know about. I also think we should be able to have extra hours in each day during times like this!

Also, another side note, school lets out in 46 days.  Here’s how this process works for working moms or at least for me!


Try to sign kids up for swimming lessons before it sells out. (My kids all know how to swim well but I’m kind of a nerd about them learning proper strokes, etc.)

Channel frustration into dessert when I realize lessons are sold out.  Again.

Negotiate family vacation time between two family businesses.

Coordinate all further plans around family vacation time.

Search for summer camps including ones that take 4 year olds.

Decide to let kids pick one camp each after realizing the expense of 3 camps a week. Pray there is still room in the ones they pick.

Search for alternative childcare help to supplement camps.

Beg friends and family. Consider a Craigslist ad then decide that’s not the best idea.

Consider taking the summer off work.

Realize that’s impossible.

Find a solution somehow, exhale, thank God and eat dessert again -or maybe a glass of wine this time.