Hunter’s baby plan Session 2 in the studio

Well if you read the previous post you can find the link to Hunter’s newborn session and see the rest of his gorgeous family. We shot the second portion of his baby plan in the studio.  He looked so cute and was such happy boy!

love love love

Delish!  My baby is getting so big, thank goodness I get to keep seeing these little guys.

I’m posting blog entries right now as I finish client orders for the holidays.  I’ll continue to do that through Christmas so if you don’t see your post yet then just you wait, it is coming!  Unless I don’t have your order, in which case it might be a little while!  It’s my latest experiment to see how I like blogging a session at the end of the workflow rather than the beginning.  I like it so far because it gives me a different perspective. By now I already know which pictures were Traci’s favorites and what she is doing with them, etc.  I don’t really like waiting to share them but it helps streamline things for me so that I can complete work faster.  We’ll see what happens in 2011 but for now this is it and I think things are going to speed up enough that as long as we get your ordering session done in a timely manner then it won’t even be like waiting at all!  Obviously this does not apply to holiday nuts-ness.  What time is it? It must be late because my eyes are blurry!  I want to get Marot up too though because I finished their order also while the blog was down…

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