Florida Baby Photographer } Hadassah in the studio!

More scrumptious babies to share in the month of January! Sweet little Hadassah’s mom called me when her baby was only 2 weeks old but it was late September and I was already booked until almost December. So, we decided to wait until Hadassah was 4 months old and shoot her first portraits then. (Because honestly, 2 or 3 month old babies are not in the best stage for photos!) I was surprised when they arrived to the studio that I recognized Hadassah’s mom from high school (which for the record was just a few years ago, super recent, most definitely.)  When her parents came in the next week for ordering they were so enthusiastic about not just their photos but their love for their baby girl. It was very, very sweet.

Well, Hadassah is adorable and I’m so looking forward to seeing her at 8 and 12 months since she joined the baby plan. Enjoy!

Sweetness right?

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! This weather is so gorge! Yesterday we celebrated my daughter’s 7th birthday. I am still in shock that she is seven. I feel like she will always be a toddler in my mind- her tiny, barely there pigtails sticking up off her head like sprouts. But she’s seven and oh so social. There was no talking her into a “small” birthday. At one point as we discussed options and I mentioned doing something with just one friend to which she replied, “Mom I already started inviting people to a party.” Ahem, right -and this is only first grade.  So, we went to fun town and bounce-house-roller-skated the day away. Good times! Our family was all there, friends and lots of excited kiddos. Dana’s dad even made it over for his first visit in a while. He is going through chemo so not able to travel much but he got a couple weeks off treatment and he was so excited to be here for the birthday! The kids were overjoyed to have Pop Pop spend the night too. We watched Rio in 3D and then fell asleep early, all of us exhausted from the day. I’m thankful for days like that and for celebrating seven years of my sweet girl.

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