Florida Baby and Child Photographer } Baby Milo is 6mths!

This kiddo was one of the larger babies of 2011 so far. He and Finn might have to fight for the title. (Only the friendly toddler banter type of fighting of course, stealing toys, etc.) For this shoot Milo was 6mths old and we met at the FIT gardens. We battled weather a bit (of course this is just what happens in August and September.) The normally very low creek was looking like I might be able to take a kayak down it. Or something like that. Maybe just an inner tube or a some water wings- possibly a boogie board.

I have a few baby plan members who, like Milo, are using the three sessions for Newborn 6mth and 12mth while most people keep newborn separate so we meet at 4, 8 and 12mths. So Milo was 6mths and like most babies at that age he was just barely sitting up. We had to stay really close in case he started to tip. Actually he was so funny how he would lean and then correct himself and regain balance! That’s not an easy task for a baby! He is a super happy little guy and some of the extended family joined in for a few shots.

What a sweet little man…


I think this is my favorite above.

Such a pleasure to photograph babies and children -watching them grow by leaps and bounds!

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