First Year Baby Photography Merritt Island | Natalie is 8 months!

This sweet bundle is part of the AGP Baby Plan and turned eight months recently so we got together to capture her latest milestones and some family portraits too! I love 6-8 month old babies! They’re still so snugly and little but big enough to sit up (but not usually super fast on the crawling yet) and personality is just exploding around this time. It’s the best!  Natalie and her big brother Donovan seriously cracked me up in their pictures together – I can tell these two might be a force pretty soon!


AGP14_Nat8-5 copy AGP14_Nat8-12 copy AGP14_Nat8-14 copy AGP14_Nat8-16 copy AGP14_Nat8-19 copy AGP14_Nat8-24 copy AGP14_Nat8-27 copy AGP14_Nat8-30 copy AGP14_Nat8-31 copy AGP14_Nat8-35 copy AGP14_Nat8-37 copy AGP14_Nat8-42 copy AGP14_Nat8-44 copy

Do you SEE what I MEAN?? I think I might need to babysit. Assuming someone will watch my kids while I watch the baby… so more like a trade? Ugh why do they have to grow so fast?