First Birthday Photography } Baby Rhett is ONE!

Little Rhett is such a sweetie and his mom wanted to make sure his first birthday would be something remembered.  I know Rhett will love looking at these pictures one day when he’s a little older.  He’ll laugh at himself as a baby, point and giggle over how silly he was.  He’ll be reminded not just of his first birthday but of how much his mom loves him and how far she went to be sure and have these moments captured -his smiles, his toys, all the way down to his sweet little toes.


Hope everyone had a great weekend!

It’s Super Bowl Sunday but at my house we’re not too excited.  That’s what happens when you’re JETS fans and the Giants and Patriots go to the SB.

On a more positive note, I have lots more fun sessions to share with you this week! Getting ready for a vacation with my husband means serious work ahead of time but by this time next week we’ll be packing our bags for Utah – woot woot!

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