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These guys have become regulars on the blog thanks to the close proximity of the Wedding Re-take Portraits, Maternity Shoot and now the arrival of their baby boy! (Be sure to check out those links, some of my favorite sessions.)  And, it’s not over because little Oliver is my newest baby plan member! I am super excited about that because I love this family! I love how Nicole and Dennis got braces together, had them removed for the wedding, put them back on and now Dennis has his off early because he followed the rules and wore his rubber bands!  (I can tell Nicole is the wild one.) They have great style and photograph really well, despite being self-professed “un-photogenic” people. I also fell in love with their home when I came over for the newborn shoot. I have a thing for yellow houses and front porches. Check and Check.  Beyond that the style of the home was so beautiful not only in the decor but the actual layout, the windows, everything.  I asked if they had to do a lot of remodeling because it didn’t feel like other houses around here. Sure enough, Dennis designed it himself!  How cool is that? Nicole has great interior design skill as well – wait until you see the nursery!  Lastly, they have a really cute baby and named him a really cute name and they chose me to photograph his first year. I can’t wait to see this little guy as he grows up! Congratulations Nicole and Dennis!


Dads, there has to be at least one of you reading the blog… how awesome is this feeling?

Look how happy and content he is! Note to parents: envision this picture when he is crying for hours in the late afternoon. Know that the contentment will return, later, after you’re exhausted, just when you think you can’t lose any more sleep, showers or food.

My favorite family portrait. I still kiss my kids feet but I insist the 8 year old has showered recently first.

The hats and knit blanket featured in this shoot are courtesy of local knitting extraordinaire Tanya’s Tangles.

Look at that Mouth. mmmmmmm sweet.

We went outside in the August heat for the last few shots and I love this light so much I could drink it.

Did you think I would forget the nursery? Seriously. If you have questions about where Nicole found things just ask away in the comments below. I love the mix of art, sophistication and playfulness. Well done!

P.S. I am really excited to make it down to Melbourne Beach soon and eat at the Authentic German Restaurant Dennis and his family own. I checked out the website and it looks great!

P.P.S. I was on TV last night. I couldn’t bear to tell anyone until I saw it for myself. I am now considering telling people the dates that the interview will air again, not that I expect people to watch but you never know and we could have a good laugh at least afterward. It was on a local channel here -the NASA channel. The kids say I’m famous now. Dana says that at least 30 more people know about my business. 🙂

HOW MANY P.S.’S CAN I HAVE??  — Kristi will be posting the story of her Florida Hurricane Wedding soon and Little 8mth Layne is coming up with his big blue eyes… The newsletter is almost ready and going out to the email list on Monday. Get ready if you’re interested in the next workshop!

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