Family Photography Melbourne Beach | Henry is ONE!

Shamelessly broken record: I LOVE capturing photographs of children and families at home. It’s my favorite – especially front porches! AND I’m pretty sure if there’s a prize somewhere for the CUTEST front porch EVER – I have found the winner. No need for any other entries right? I was pretty excited when I pulled up to see all this color.

Little Henry turned a year old recently and he’s just such a sweet little man! He’s a thinker but also a talker… That’s a good combo. We spent some time on the porch first, went inside and Henry decided to play piano with mom which was definitely not planned but was just SO awesome. And oh my goodness, his mom plays so beautifully too! I mean, in the WOW kind of way. Then up to his adorable bedroom and back outside for a few more shots in the back yard. I know the next time I see him he’ll be running so I’m glad we captured some toddling!


AGP14_Henry12-5 copy AGP14_Henry12-13 copy AGP14_Henry12-15 copy AGP14_Henry12-17 copy AGP14_Henry12-22 copy AGP14_Henry12-25 copy AGP14_Henry12-31 copy AGP14_Henry12-39 copy AGP14_Henry12-40 copy AGP14_Henry12-41 copy AGP14_Henry12-46 copy AGP14_Henry12-47 copy AGP14_Henry12-59 copy AGP14_Henry12-61 copy AGP14_Henry12-70 copy

Kate and Ryan, I am so lucky to meet such wonderful people and witness such sweet memories.

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