Family Photography | Coco is Six Months

I just will never get enough of these two kids – there is NO WAY they could possibly be any cuter!  I loved this family session on Merritt Island; lots of smiles, plenty of fun and sweet memories to remember. Coco turned six months and she’s a total bundle of love…


AGP15_Coco6m-1 copy AGP15_Coco6m-15 copy AGP15_Coco6m-18 copy AGP15_Coco6m-19 copy AGP15_Coco6m-25 copy AGP15_Coco6m-28 copy AGP15_Coco6m-37 copy AGP15_Coco6m-38 copy AGP15_Coco6m-42 copy AGP15_Coco6m-53 copy AGP15_Coco6m-59 copy AGP15_Coco6m-63 copy AGP15_Coco6m-65 copy

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