Family Photographer Merritt Island

Philomena was 7 months old when we got together to capture this milestone for her along with a family session. It was one of those times when the light is just PERFECT. It was a little cold (which is hard to imagine now in this 80 degree January we’re having) but I’ll take some cold in exchange for some golden glowing light any time.  I loved capturing these memories, this season, for a family dear to my heart and hope these images will forever bring to mind the love they have for each other and the faithful blessing in the midst of what sometimes feels like chaos.

AGP14_Fee7m-4 copy AGP14_Fee7m-15 copy AGP14_Fee7m-21 copy AGP14_Fee7m-28 copy AGP14_Fee7m-38 copy AGP14_Fee7m-31 copy AGP14_Fee7m-47 copy AGP14_Fee7m-60 copy AGP14_Fee7m-66 copy AGP14_Fee7m-117 copy AGP14_Fee7m-95 copy AGP14_Fee7m-106 copy AGP14_Fee7m-138 copy


P.S. I’ve been enjoying my time off over the holidays! Now just getting a few sessions and weddings on the blog that I hadn’t gotten to yet so that everything 2014 is here!

Happy new year to all my friends and clients – can’t wait to see your families grow this year!