Family and Child Photographer Satellite Beach | Peter turns one!

Another baby plan graduate today – Peter turned one! This little guy is so cute, has tons of personality, is destined to be super smart and on top of all that, look at that hair! I’m thinking POTUS (veep made me do it) or at the very least the next star of Greys Anatomy.

I’ve super enjoyed watching Peter grow this year. His baby plan sessions have happened at 6mth intervals rather than 4mth so I am always blown away by how much he has changed! We’ve shot at his home every time which will be really fun to see in his finished album and for family memories. His mom and dad have already been into the studio to plan the “yearbook” as well as some canvas for the wall, prints etc. While digital files are included in most of the AGP packages, I am super happy that my clients always have much more than that!

Be sure to look at Peter’s first two shoots here.

I love him looking at me over his sippy cup! And that is such a one year old thing too. Also I love this book. If you have never read it, hurry and pick one up. We read it in the morning on every birthday in our house.

Love this family and looking forward to capturing their moments for years to come!

side note: Enjoy the outdoors day today, it looks like we’re going to have lots of rain for the next few! Also, school is officially out for summer. We took the kids to a nice dinner last night to celebrate thinking it would be fun for them since we usually only take them to very casual places.  Mistake noted.  Afterward, we watched We Bought a Zoo and realized it was a little heavy for young kids and had some unexpected language. Realizing we were about to strike out, we tucked them in before any further parenting choices presented themselves. Sticking with the pool and beach today – outlook is much better!