Eight Month Baby Plan | Ava

I enjoyed this session soooo much. It’s simply icing on the cake to focus on one (or two) children and have fun with them for an entire shoot! Plus the eight month baby plan is one of my favorite things to photograph anyway. And did I mention how ADORABLE these girls are???  They bring the party wherever they go!

One of my favorite things to capture with siblings: the too-tight-hug.  Maybe it wasn’t as much fun for Ava, but I had a blast watching this sisterly love…


AGP14_Ava4m-10 copy AGP14_Ava4m-12 copy AGP14_Ava4m-26 copy AGP14_Ava4m-29 copy AGP14_Ava4m-31 copy avaBella copy AGP14_Ava4m-41 copy AGP14_Ava4m-47copy AGP14_Ava4m-48 copy AGP14_Ava4m-49 copy

She’s too much. I don’t know how her momma ever stops kissing those cheeks.