Eau Gallie Photography Studio } Baby Ashton is 4 months!

Ashton is part of the baby plan and often the 4month session is shot in the studio so we met there and I was just blown away by how big he his already! You would think I’d get used to this! He is just so super strong I’m afraid he’ll be walking by 8mths and I won’t get the “baby who sits up but doesn’t move”!  You can see his little joyful personality coming through. And the funniest thing: he took a cat nap in the middle of his session! The same baby who didn’t want to sleep at all when he was newborn! (See that here.) Maybe he’s figured out that naps are NICE!  Maybe he could enlighten my three-year-old.

Side note, all this rain this week has made for lots of office time and I’m working hard on print orders, wedding albums (with Kristi’s design skills of course) and all kinds of stuff! Even delivered the first batch of 2011 Holiday Cards this week!! Oh and I had a TV interview on Monday… haven’t decided if I’m going to share it with the internet or not, until I see it! We’ll definitely be working on getting a newsletter out soon, just haven’t had time but there is so much to share about AGP!

He’s looking for his feet, surely there are around there somewhere…

LOVE the paci hanging out of the mouth. See you next time Ashton!

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