Eau Gallie Arts District Photography Studio } Baby Layne is 4mths!

It seems I was just photographing this little guy as a newborn (view his newborn portraits here) and now look at him!  And his Nordstrom outfits were to die for!  I love this little cutie and his parents too. Layne came into the studio for the 4 month session in his baby plan and we definitely got some fun shots!

Here he is showing off some rad dance moves..

It fits now! (see newborn shot below…)

He’s contemplating the weather for golf today, hoping the other stylish babies will be joining him.

Layne liked my rooster. Which is special to me since it is my favorite baby toy ever (given to me at a shower in St. Augustine when I was expecting my first child.)  I tried with all three of my kids for it to be their favorite toy and they’d have none of it. But I’ve kept it around because I love it and it is never going in the garage sale pile!

Seriously people.

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