Cocoa Beach Family Photography | Caleb is one!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since I photographed his newborn pictures, but this little guy is celebrating his first birthday already! We had one of those totally amazing nights at the beach for this shoot and caleb was as cute as ever of course. He definitely wasn’t super interested in holding the sign announcing his baby brother on the way, but he loved hanging out with mom and dad.

Congratulations to this growing family, I’m so glad I have the opportunity to capture these moments for you!

AGP15_CalebC12-10 copy AGP15_CalebC12-15 copy AGP15_CalebC12-35 AGP15_CalebC12-40 AGP15_CalebC12-42 AGP15_CalebC12-46 AGP15_CalebC12-48 copy AGP15_CalebC12-50 AGP15_CalebC12-55 AGP15_CalebC12-60 copy AGP15_CalebC12-69 copy AGP15_CalebC12-74 AGP15_CalebC12-76