Child Photographer Merritt Island FL } Baby Bella is ONE!

Baby Bella’s baby plan journey had it’s grand finale last week for her 12mth session. Take a peek here to see her previous sessions!




I have had a great time photographing this beautiful baby, her family, and her family’s family. ha (See the Glovers from earlier this week and the Colberts coming up soon!)

This session had it’s own challenges including mosquitos swarming us like it was some kind of Hitchcock movie, BUT I LOVE these pictures! Yay! And I really didn’t even notice tons of bites afterward so Beth’s bug spray must have really worked!

I loved the color too much in these to disturb it, but I couldn’t resist a black and white here. What a sweetie.

Bella has these teensy tiny feet, I think she is wearing a size 2 still! Look in the foreground of the frame and you’ll see some little piggies!

I love everything about this family portrait, especially that it looks a little nostalgic.

Dear Bella, you really need more personality, I mean seriously.

Time for Cake! Beth borrowed the highchair that belonged to Andrew when he was a baby. How cute right!?

Yay what a fun shoot! Last week was a whirlwind of shooting so I am buried in editing right now but so thankful this rainy weekend hasn’t interrupted any of my shoots! Woo Hoo for weather that happens in between sessions and weddings!

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