Casey’s Birthday Shoot | Merritt Island Photographer

Another Baby Plan graduate and a fun shoot with a beautiful family in gorgeous weather!

Casey and his family moved away after his 8month session but they came back for his birthday shoot. (Okay and maybe to enjoy some warm weather and some Mickey Mouse too…) Casey’s brother Ashton was a baby plan member as well so I’ve really gotten to know these guys and I’m super bummed they moved!!! We shot a little more family during this session than a normal baby plan since they might not be back for a while (sniff, sniff.)

Side story, my daughter was watching me edit this gallery and here’s how our conversation went:

Mary: “They look nice.”

Me: “Yes they are nice people, but are you saying that not everyone looks nice?”

Mary: “Well everyone smiles but I can just tell they’re nice.”

How cute is that? I’m so lucky to work with so many wonderful people. I wanted to include here the links to Casey’s other Baby Plan shoots so you can take a walk down memory lane and/or get a feel for what we do in the Baby Plan.

Happy Birthday Casey!





AGP14_Casey12m-7 copy AGP14_Casey12m-18 copy AGP14_Casey12m-31 copy AGP14_Casey12m-32 copy AGP14_Casey12m-36 copy AGP14_Casey12m-46 copy AGP14_Casey12m-60 copy AGP14_Casey12m-67 copy AGP14_Casey12m-69 copy AGP14_Casey12m-72 copy AGP14_Casey12m-73 copy AGP14_Casey12m-76 copy AGP14_Casey12m-78 copy AGP14_Casey12m-89 copy AGP14_Casey12m-98 copy AGP14_Casey12m-104 copy

Thanks guys for coming back for this session and just for being such great clients – hope it warms up for you soon!