Caleb is Six Months | Baby Plan Session

I met up with this adorable family at the riverfront home of Caleb’s grandparents during that week before last when it rained CONSTANTLY – except we managed to enjoy a whole hour without rain and with the most beautiful light! Caleb was a joy to all of us, laughing and just enjoying some snuggle time with mom and dad. He’s only six months but sitting up like a little tripod and definitely full of personality!


AGP14_Caleb6-4 copy AGP14_Caleb6-14 copy AGP14_Caleb6-17 copy AGP14_Caleb6-24 copy AGP14_Caleb6-27 copy AGP14_Caleb6-29 copy AGP14_Caleb6-34 copy AGP14_Caleb6-39 copy AGP14_Caleb6-49 copy AGP14_Caleb6-66 copy