Caleb and Ethan

I photographed Caleb and his baby brother Ethan at their home in Malabar last weekend. I wasn’t that far from my house yet felt like I was in the country! Seeing Caleb’s enthusiasm for the ducks, goats, birds and just nature in general made me wish I was raising my family there! The first image above is an example of a 10×20 inch storyboard. I had someone ask me about those this week so I thought I’d take this opportunity with cute Caleb to post one example. There are many layout options, but I do prefer those with just a few images. This product comes mounted to double weight mat board and costs $75.00 (the brown frame around the edge does not print with the image.) The text can be customized any way you’d like it; I just thought the quote reminded me of Caleb the country boy! Watch for the rocks in his hands, he picked up two and had to have one in each hand, I don’t remember when he finally set them down!

Baby Ethan

Getting a photo of these two together was, let’s just say, slightly difficult. Just wait though, they will inseparable one day soon and causing all sorts of trouble together!

Caleb loves the cat…

There is a frog in there.

Goats over there…


Don’t you just want to kiss those cheeks? There are smiling ones here too but I love this expression best!

Hmmm, can’t remember what that was, I think he was looking for bass in the pond, maybe he saw one.

back in the yard…


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