Brevard Zoo | Natalie’s 12 month Baby Plan Session

Well I don’t really know how it happened but this baby girl is a year old already! I’ve had a wonderful time photographing her and her family since she was still a bun in the oven to her newborn, 4 months, 8 months and finally her birthday shoot. I love the Baby Plan because it captures that fleeting first year when not only is a child changing rapidly but we (parents) need the extra memory assistance that photographs give us since we spend that first year mostly sleep deprived! Another reason I love the Baby Plan is the way it gives me a chance to really get to know a family. Capturing memories for people I’ve grown to know gives that extra connection which I think breathes life into a photo.

We walked around the Brevard Zoo for this session which held a special significance since Natalie’s mom and dad were married here! Love that.


AGP14_Natalie12-5 copy AGP14_Natalie12-8 copy AGP14_Natalie12-13 copy AGP14_Natalie12-18 copy AGP14_Natalie12-20 copy AGP14_Natalie12-26 copy AGP14_Natalie12-30 copy AGP14_Natalie12-31 copy AGP14_Natalie12-36 copy AGP14_Natalie12-39 copy AGP14_Natalie12-41 copy AGP14_Natalie12-50 copy AGP14_Natalie12-56 copy AGP14_Natalie12-59 copy AGP14_Natalie12-60 copy AGP14_Natalie12-63 copy AGP14_Natalie12-65 copy


Did you see her hand on his neck there? Oh my gosh. It’s too much.

Big thanks to this terrific family for choosing Angel Gray Photography and for being so awesome to work for.