Baby studio session } Joseph is 4 months!

Little Joseph traveled all the way from Fort Lauderdale with his mom and dad last week for his 4 month session. This little guy has grown sooo much!

It was a challenge finding his “happy window” after the long drive and disruption of the usual schedule but he managed to stay awake for us and still show off his sweet smile and bright blue eyes! I’ve known his dad since elementary school – it’s always fun to have the opportunity to work with friends I grew up with! Plus I know I wasn’t the only one who got to enjoy hanging out with this family – the grandparents I’m sure were overjoyed with the visit!

Oops I lied, he did take a quick nap!

Coming up next on the blog this week will be a fun post from Kristi (the multi-talented AGP graphic designer/administrator/ETC.) She’s compiling a fun entry highlighting all of the tips we often give clients for “What to Wear.” Don’t miss it – she’ll be highlighting some of our best dressed examples!

P.S. I’m swamped with orders for print, canvas and albums and making progress on getting everything through production – I love the part when the items arrive in the mail and I really get to see the finished outcome. It’s the best!