Baby Photography in Brevard County, FL } Slade Mini Studio Session!

Baby Slade, it seems like yesterday you were a teensy tiny peanut…

Slade was adorable in his newborn portraits and being that his mommy is a dear friend to me you think I’d have gotten another session in sooner!  But it was a crazy year for me that 2010, thankfully Slade came to the studio in October (at around 9mths old I think?) for a mini session.  He was nothing but smiles!  If you are considering a mini session here are some key factors:

  • 30 minutes
  • approx 20 images in your ordering session
  • 1 subject (sometimes mom/siblings jump in for a few but I never shoot family in the studio, families are just better on location!)
  • I’m not very prop-y (no yellow ducks/bathtubs or God forbid roman columns) but I do have a few things I use sometimes.
  • Think simplicity, and beautiful light.  For more flexibility, length of time and images to choose from, book an on-location session!
  • ask for more info and we’ll send you a list of tips!

So here is that sweet baby, his teeth were coming in, he had started crawling and loves his momma.

Don’t forget to have these moments captured, especially in the first few years as they change so rapidly!  And don’t let all your memories live on a hard drive!  Another reason the AGP Baby Plan is so great!

Our self portrait together!

My fave and totally unplanned how he grabbed the “A”, love it!

Slade loved to chew on his brush so Gina brought it along to make sure we capture that memory.  Smart thinking!  I love it too because that is the baby brush I had for all three of my children and passed it on to Gina when she was expecting.  Just a brush right?  Not to a mommy whose babies are growing up too fast!

My other fave, or maybe they’re tied…

Again, why not remember the paci?  It’s precious if you ask me, along with those tired baby eyes!!

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