Baby Sasha is 1

I had the pleasure of photographing a first birthday session with this cutie Sasha last week. As I was editing these I called my husband over to look and he said, “Wow, she looks like a doll.” How true is that – and coming from a guy even! We did the shoot at the family home in Viera. She was truly a joyful child. We figured out music was key so any time she seemed fussy or bored her parents found whatever object they could grab that plays music (pretty much all toys do that now, a ploy by Duracell I’m sure, but one that worked out in Sasha’s best interest!) This girl knows how to BOOGIE DOWN. It was awesome, you should have been there. Oh and the smash cake will speak for itself… she loved it. Make sure you click the first one up there so you can see the perfectly placed bubbles (ha, get it, like I put them there?) The collages here are often ordered as 10×20 prints for framing or mounted to a stand out or canvas for hanging.


the key to a perfect lawn: pink mower and just the right dance moves

Finishing off the cake to a little Elmo Radio.

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