Baby Plan Twins Christian & Alessia | Merritt Island Fl Photography

Christian and Alessia are making their way through the Baby Plan so we shot the 8 month session last week! I think we pushed it back a bit to like 9mths because really it’s more about catching the developmental milestones than the actual month marks. So when babies aren’t quite sitting up yet I usually suggest we push back until they’re ready to show off that new milestone. They were pros at sitting up and Christian loves to mess with his sister which is funny to everyone but Alessia of course. I feel like these twins always end up with at least one image that deserves a funny caption. This time it’s the last one, hilarious! I’m thinking Goodfellas. I remember how tiny there were as newborns and it seems like yesterday. Next time we’ll be celebrating birthdays!


AGP14_Greto8m-8 copy AGP14_Greto8m-20 copy AGP14_Greto8m-21 copy AGP14_Greto8m-22 copy AGP14_Greto8m-28 copy AGP14_Greto8m-30 copy AGP14_Greto8m-31 copy AGP14_Greto8m-40 copy AGP14_Greto8m-45 copy AGP14_Greto8m-48 copy AGP14_Greto8m-55 copy AGP14_Greto8m-53 copy AGP14_Greto8m-56 copy